Current Console Color Collection


Xbox One - Day One Edition

Xbox 360 Slim - Star Wars Limited Edition, Halo Reach Limited Edition, Modern Warefare 3, Gears of War Edition, Halo 4 Edition, Matte Black, Glossy Black, White

Xbox 360 - White Arcade, Halo 3 Collectors Edition

Xbox - Black, Halo Green, Halo 2 Blue (CA), Crystal, Mountain Dew Edition


Wii U - Zelda Edition Black, White

Wii - White, Blue, 25th Anniversary Red, Black

Gamecube - Indigo, Platinum, Pokemon Edition, Black

N64 - Charcoal Grey, Pokemon Edition, Jungle Green

New 3DS XL - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

New 3DS - Animal Crossing Happy Home Edition, Pokemon Red/Blue

2DS - Red, Crystal Red, Crystal Blue, Coral Pink

3DS XL - Red, Pikachu Edition, Animal Crossing Edition, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Yoshi Edition, Retro NES Edition, Disney Magic Edition

3DS - Agua Blue, Legend of Zelda

DSi XL - 25th Anniversary Red, Midnight Blue

DSi - Blue, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black

DS Lite - Pokemon Edition Diamond & Pearl, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Gold, Pink Nintendogs

DS - Electric Blue, Mario Red, Pearl Pink, Nintendogs Teal, Silver

Gameboy Micro - Black, Silver, Red (UK), Blue (JP), Pink (JP), 20th Anniversary (US), Purple (JP)

Gameboy SP - Classic NES, Pokemon Groudon Edition, Colbalt, Crimson Red

Gameboy Advance - Artic, Target Red, Silver, Indigo

Gameboy Color - Teal, Pokemon Yellow & Blue (US)

Gameboy Pocket - Emerald Green, Black, Clear, Ice Blue, Blue, Silver with Silver Screen, Silver with Black Screen, Red

Gameboy - Grey


Dreamcast - White, Sega Sports Edition

Saturn - Black, Skeleton (JP)

Game Gear - Black, Blue


PS4 - White, Darth Vader Black

PS3 Slim - Black

PS3 Phat - Black

PS2 Slim - Black

PS2 Fat - Black

PS Vita - White, Black

PSP Go - Black, White

PSP 3000 - Black

PSP 2000 - Silver

PSP 1000 - Black, White (JP)

Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket Color - Stone Blue