FAQ about the console colors & limited editions list

Who's this new guy?

My name is Michael aka h8b1llg8ts. I'm a life long gamer and collector of all things video game releated for over 30 years. My first video game experiance was playing on my father's Atari 2600. Then in 1986 I recieved my very own system, the Nintendo Entertainment System. It has been nonstop since then.

Are you all talk?

Here's my current Current Collection

What's not listed on the site?

1. One-time redesigns, such as those of the NES and SNES.
2. Some console bundles - specifically, if the console has been released in that color before, it will not be relisted with a new game bundle (unless it has special hardware accessories unique to the bundle).
3. Fan-painted or modified consoles. If you notice a fan mod erroneously listed on the site, e-mail me.
4. Consoles airbrushed and sold by third parties such as Colorware. If you notice one here, again, e-mail me.
5. Hardware revisions - often, the hardware or firmware in a console is revised several times, without the appearance of the system changing at all. I've not made an attempt to list those here.
6. Region coding - usually if I've noted that a system is a country exclusive, it's formatted appropriately for that region. However, I have not confirmed the region coding on any of these systems.
7. Clones by third parties designed to play original game cartridges or with whole games onboard.

In general, I try to list officially licensed consoles available for sale to the general public, or that can be won in contests. There are also many listed that were given to celebrities or as gifts to development teams.

Will you buy my rare limited edition console?

No, I will not buy your limited edition console but if you have one you would like to donate I will be happy to reimburse your shipping fees once the system arrives. And know that any money that I receive from the sale will continue all the greatness that limited edition consoles deserve. Feel free to e-mail me about details

Can you tell me more about [insert console edition] here?

What I know is listed but I do try to keep the information short and sweet. If your looking for more information try Google.

How do you define "limited edition?"

For the purpose of this site, a limited edition must meet a few criteria: (1) The system may be sold for a limited time. (2) The system may be sold exclusively through certain websites, employers, and/or contests. If you see something incorrect please e-mail me.

Why don't you have Console X listed?

Are you sure I don't have it? Use ctrl+F to find it - it might be listed under an alternate name (such as how the Noble Pink DS Lite is also called Candy Pink). See the above question for items I do not list. If it doesn't meet those criteria, then I probably don't know it exists! Send me an e-mail and tell me about it!

What does "first color" mean?

When "first color" appears in the description of the console, it means that that color was the first color the console was available in at its launch. First colors can often vary from region to region, and more than one color can be the first color available - for instance, the Nintendo DS Lite. In Japan on the launch date, it was simultaneously available in ice, navy, and white (or was intended to be, although production issues slowed the arrival of the two blues); while in the US, it was originally white only.

Who first started the site?

A wonderful girl named Kat started the site back in 2005. She first started the site because she was looking for a Nintendo Gameboy SP at launch. She was looking for a limited edition online only to find no information at the time. She figure other people might be having the same problem so consolecolors.com was born. She also runs a great site; Sierra Planet.